2024 The Year of the Naga (มะโรง)
"The Four Great Serpent Lineages in Thai belief"

"Virupak Naga, the Lord Naga with a golden-colored body or scales, is the highest-level serpent regarded as having an innate origin, meaning it is self-born and grown, endowed with influence and virtue, and usually classified as a deity, residing in the celestial abode, and also a ruling-class deity who governs numerous serpents.

Chapphayaputta Naga, the Lord Naga with a rainbow-colored body or scales, mostly regarded as having a womb-born origin, meaning born from a womb, residing in the terrestrial world or deep forest, is a beautiful serpent with greatly varied colored scales, beautiful like a rainbow, and possesses great influence, but is often difficult to find because it usually dwells in secrecy.

Erapattha Naga, the Lord Naga with a green-colored body or scales, is considered a high-level serpent, usually born from an egg, similar in size to the golden-colored Nakatra Rakkul, dwelling not too deep in the terrestrial world, a serpent that is commonly found and closest to humans, thereby becoming a legendary figure deeply associated with humans.

Khanhakhotamma Naga, the Lord Naga with a dark blue-colored body or scales, mostly regarded as having a spontaneously generated origin, meaning born from moistened bile, various concoctions, or eggs, often possessing a robust and powerful physique, though not considered a high-level serpent, it still possesses authority and active influence, not inferior to other lineages. It is rarely encountered, preferring to reside in deep waters and mysterious places, often tasked with guarding the treasures of the terrestrial world. Although born in a lineage lower than other lineages, if diligently cultivating virtues, it can also become a ruling-class serpent."
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